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Rabbit psychopath > Bella Drowned (Creepypasta)  2 октября 2014 г. 14:50:12

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Bella Drowned (Creepypasta)

Rabbit Psychopath 2 октября 2014 г. 14:50:12
It was such a warm night...Bella walked down the lane,which was illuminated only by the moon,brightly shining in the sky.
The clock was only 22:00. As strange as it may sound,it all evening after classes held in the school library. Bela already mentally prepared for what to pounce on her parents shouting where she was. She lived not so close to home,so Hey had to turn in the Park. In General,this Park was her favorite Park. Ask why? She is very loved here to spend time with her best friend who had died in a car accident..Walking through a dark Park,which practically did not cover the lights,she heard that her someone is. Bell added step and turned down the path that led to the bridge and the river Istra. Five minutes later presledovatelj did not lag behind,and stepping out into the light,Bella saw Zack,Gray and Steph.
- Well,who have we got here? Said Zack,coming closer to Bella.
"What do you want from me?! "Asked Isabella.
"Okay,we just want to have fun. - Muttered Zack angrily scales in anticipation of the fun.
Bella realized that Zack and his company were drunk.
Bella took off and wanted to run away,but Zack and Stephanie stopped her. Knocked her to the ground, they began to beat her,and after dumped her in the river. Bella didn't know how to swim and quickly choked...her Last words were: " I will avenge you! Will return and avenge!"
After a month or two,Zack,he and Steph were found dead in their apartments,and on the walls was written, "You turned my life to HELL..".
No one could explain what happened....
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Rabbit psychopath > Bella Drowned (Creepypasta)  2 октября 2014 г. 14:50:12

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